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The Lakkozó Ltd. and the Stemma Design Ltd.have been successfully serving the customers' demands and needs for many years with great satisfaction both on fields of printing services and graphics design. Even if your project is a simple business card or a complex corporate image design from planning to implementation, our returning clientele inspires us to maintain the highest quality level of services and solutions.

The easybox was inspired by the creative market itself. In this solution we "squeezed together" the various needs from our customers in one product.

It can be called in various names: adcube, spatial advertisement, papercube, decoration cube, advertbox, pop display, point of purchase, paper cube… etc.

The easybox is a 3D advertisement carrier that can be manufactured even in small quantities, or in short run.

The easybox is a cube with an edge length of 27,5 cm, onto the six sides that of any customized graphics, logo or photo can be placed. The box can therefore be used to display advertisements, decorations or information alike. It may be hung down or placed onto each other. Combining multiple cubes, coherent images or notices can be compiled.

Capitalizing on its spatial nature, it emerges from the "noise" of usual advertisements, posters, especially emphasizing the product / service / brand it promotes.

Look for more creative solutions and ideas of utilization under the Utilization ideas
menu tab.

The easybox is a paper based product therefore only indoor utilization is recommended for decoration purposes.

What is the new feature in this product? If you are looking for an advertisement carrier of similar kind or size, the manufacturing that of is only possible at a relatively large quantity (min. 300-500 pcs) in the same design without the possibility to make variations. The shipping and handling is often also difficult in case of those products.

With the help of our technology, we offer this solution with a short lead time, also at a small quantity at the fragment of the average market price. If ready printable graphics is not available, you can also order standalone, customized products with the assistance of our graphics design workshop.

We also enclose the accessories necessary for the hanging of your version (hanging spiral and panel). A foiled or a custom enameled finish is also possible.

The easybox can be easily distributed via postal mail (packed size: 32x32x1 cm/item), and easily assembled at the point of utilization with the enclosed setup manual. The box can later also be disassembled, varied, even a wall can be changed therein.

easybox kit

Why should you choose the easybox?
Because it is

• Individualized, tailor made to the client
• Manufactured under a short lead time
• Spectacular, eye-catching
• Can be ordered in low quantities
• Affordable
• Easily delivered even via postal mail
• Assembled, disassembled and reorganized without glue
• Possible to place six different images on the six walls
• Hung or placed onto each other
• An environment friendly, Hungarian product

Please find the printable easybox product description here.

To open the file you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader that you can download from here.

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