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Please find a short summary of the frequently asked questions considering order placement, prices and assembly about the easybox below. We are continuously expanding the list of answers to questions that occur.

Q: I would like to exchange 1-1 walls in my existing 24 piece easybox range, because the sales percentage rebate of my promotion changed. Do I need to order a new range, or is there a possibility to exchange one wall only?
A: No, you don’t. Individual prices are charged for single replacements, please contact our colleagues.

Q: I would like to use the easybox outdoors. Is it possible?
A: The easybox is a paper based product, utilization in humid / wet environment is not recommended. The foiled version is more water resistant, but the outdoor utilization is only possible in a clean, dry and windless weather.

Q: Until when can I use the easybox?
A: The easybox is paper based and is manufactured with printing technology. Its lifespan is similar to the printed products in general. If protected against water, direct sunshine and physical damages, it preserves its shape for decades.

Q: I am interested in the product. Where can I see it personally?
A: Please arrange an appointment with our colleagues, when we can have you in our showroom and also there is a possibility to visit you. Also you can see our partners' easybox-es anywhere in the country where those are listed in the references menu.

Q: My easybox is no more needed. How can I dispose it?
A: We intend to achieve optimal paper utilization during the manufacturing process and we recycle the waste. Please use a paper waste collection bin in a selective waste collection site and mind the environment! Thank you!

Q: Do I need to get a hanger device to hang up the easybox?
A: No, depending on the ordered version, we include the hanging spiral and the corner hanging panel in the package.

Q: Can I order in a smaller form factor that of the generic size?
A: We manufacture the easyboxin the biggest size still possible to handle, as the size is that matters here. We naturally take the customers' specific needs into consideration during product development, therefore the possibility is open. Please contact our colleagues with the specific request!

Q: I would like to aid the sales of my business with the easybox, but my company does not yet have its own logo. What can I do?
A: Our graphics studio designs the proper corporate appearance from the logo through the business card to the advertisements, along with your individual easybox. Contact us for a quotation!

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